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Window Book®'s goal is to provide you with as many resources as possible. We hope you will take advantage of our Education Resource Center, Window Book Product Installation Requirements, and Client Training Assistant web pages. We strive to offer multiple ways to master our products. Also, help you succeed in complying with the latest USPS rules and regulations. While this is primarily written media, we will provide screenshots and references to other resources to assist you. In keeping with this goal, we are moving to a web-based series of guides.

There are three types of guides - Installation, Setup, and User. And in some instances, there will be no setup guide for programs where it makes more sense to keep with either the installation or user guide.

You will see areas of the web version that are not complete, and we will provide a link to the PDF version until we cover every topic on our website.


The following symbols appear throughout this document.

Where displayed, this Information icon denotes essential information regarding the subject matter at hand. Providing helpful hints, references to other locations to help further understanding of the current subject and includes special requirements about the specific subject matter. It is essential to read and thoroughly understand before proceeding.

Where displayed, this Attention icon lets readers know to take special notice of the information because it is critical to the subject matter at hand. It does not lessen the importance of the information provided with the Information icon above but brings additional attention in situations of extreme necessity.

Where displayed, this Troubleshooting icon denotes helpful hints and tips for the subject matter at hand. In addition, the information in the troubleshooting tip provides helpful advice and resolutions for some of the more common issues that can occur during operation.

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We are constantly updating our products, so new or changed information may yet to be posted to our websites or PDF downloads.

The instructions and descriptions on the following web pages and PDF versions of our guides were accurate at the time of publishing; however, succeeding products and documentation are subject to change without notice. Therefore, Window Book Inc. assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly from errors, omissions, or discrepancies between the product and this documentation.

Please see our Terms of Use.

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