Getting Started

Updated March 28, 2022


Professional Services will assist you with the installation of software. We provide the installation guides and requirements, so you can access installation requirements for installing our software, including hardware and software requirements. In addition, it also provides guidelines when it comes to system maintenance and FAQs.

The purpose of our installation guides is to provide first-time installation instructions. After installing the software, the setup guides complete the necessary setup before using the software. In addition, these guides walk through specific setup/features, interfaces, and add-on product modules. Finally, the user guides will introduce each product, its purpose, its interaction with other products or interfaces, websites and cover its primary use.

As a supplement to these guides, we have a Knowledge base (you will need to Sign In to the Support Portal before accessing these articles), regularly scheduled webinars, and videos available. Also, check out our Educational Resource Center and Window Book Client Training Assistant.

Solutions & Support

Window Book, Inc. has various solutions to allow mailers to choose products best suited to their environment. It does not matter whether you are a small, medium, or large organization; we provide solutions best suited for your needs. Our Solutions page offers a quick summary of each of our products and how they work together. And the following pages of documentation will help you install, set up, understand and best utilize the software you choose.

If you get stuck or do not understand something along the way, reach out to us through our Support Portal ticket system, email or call us at 800-477-3602.

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