DAT-MAIL- User Guide

We are continually adding pages for DAT-MAIL. However, many interfaces and a couple of modules are not ready for publication. The Mailing Solutions - User Guides page will provide links to PDF files if the web pages are not ready to add.


The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Assist mailers in complying with USPS Full Service and Seamless requirements.

  • Explain the two different versions of DAT-MAIL - Versions.

  • Provide a walkthrough of the Advanced Navigator screen and its menus.

  • From the DAT-MAIL main menu, cover each of the menus and the functions available.

  • Cover the additional features available to save money on drop shipping and expedite delivery.

  • Elaborate on the optional modules and interfaces available to accommodate various mailing environments.

  • Cover the DAT-MAIL’s Help Menu.

  • Walkthrough importing and validating a Mail.dat set that we refer to as a 'job'.

  • Explain the most common edits done to jobs.

  • Show the options to save money drop shipping via entry optimization and change entry points on the fly.

  • Demonstrate how to use our palletization module (included in Toolbox, optional in Editor).

  • Exhibit how easy it is to view and edit pallet container dates across all jobs.

  • Reveal the nearly unlimited options for running and creating reports to assist with compliance, quality control, and production.

  • Cover the PostalOne! transactions available and illustrate how easy it is to submit a job or a portion of a job.

  • Exhibit our statement program, which some users utilize for their internal accounting systems (in construction).

  • Explain how our utilities can provide more control after presort by allowing users to split or merge jobs.

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